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We're all familiar with the concept of a "limited hangout", the propaganda technique whereby a population's reaction to otherwise objectionable information is moderated through selective leaks of truth intermixed with outlandish falsehoods, thereby pulling the entirety into a managed "debate". Lately application of this technique has been employed to great effect, perhaps surpassing any in history with its global reach.

Via the combination of binary politics and pervasive marketing-driven alienation, political debate regarding the pandemic is stymied upon the question of with which terms to label commands issued by the state. This aims to prevent public thought regarding the wisdom of the commands themselves. At issue is not whether a particular state should exist within a shared model of civilization; rather, two incoherent models mutually thwart coherence in the other. There matters boil, each side of the psychotic dipole producing ever-more deranged models of their opponent. All modern tools of mass-communication are engaged to amplify the process.

As public exhaustion with the debate accumulates, capitulation grows in whichever direction will most quickly end conflict. At the moment of capitulation, a person is opened to absorb the deranged model of the other as their highest good. If before the government would never force medical interventions upon citizens, now they must. If before journalists were essential defenders of "our democracy", now they represent a dire threat to the same if not controlled. When politically tenable, dissent will be criminalized or otherwise oppressed to bring debate to a close, and its precedent shall be held in place by an acquiescent majority.

With an unprincipled population fixated mostly on comfort, this machine handily produces a star-topology command structure within the pretense of democracy. Its abstract form should be recognizable to anyone with an understanding of the psychology of cults or interpersonal abuse. When the state's messengers tell us that particular intrusions are conspiracy theories, expect the ubiquity of those intrusions just around the bend. Such is the march of progress.