Sage SmartProbe Rehabilitated

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Thanks to the tireless efforts and reversing genius of asciilifeform, I am now the proud owner of a working hardware debugger for an AMD G-series SoC. As of now, the Gizmo Explorer Kit (which contains the G-series board, prototyping daughter-board, and Sage SmartProbe) can still be had. Following are my notes on applying the Sage pill of life; for full instructions, head straight to the source.

Running OpenBSD, the USB serial device is /dev/cuaU0 (assuming you have only one connected). As on Linux, you'll of course need to make sure that your user can read/write the device. The pill applied successfully, but the script's final call to dump_forever() failed, throwing a SerialException. This could be a platform issue; someone attempting the process on Linux can chime in.

My system's gdb 6.3 was too old to interact with the SmartProbe, throwing E64 after connecting; however, gdb 7.11 from ports works fine.

I extend my sincere thanks to asciilifeform. The alert reader knows that while this indispensable tool in the quest for Republican computing may be a paltry $200 today, tomorrow it might not be had for any price.